woven lauhala

Lauhala are leaves of the hala tree, a tree which holds great importance of culture throughout the Pacific Islands. The leaves are used to weave materials into mats, hats and more. 

Hugs & aloha, always

In my sense, “lauhala” is weaving beliefs, culture, emotion and pretty much anything that defines the pure beauty of a person and then produced into a photograph. This is my take on a visual storyteller.

Years ago, I began as a visual storyteller capturing beauty in cultures through photographs. My passion sank into the pure allurement of each person who appeared in front of my lens.

I grew up on a small island in the Marianas, called Saipan. Traveling throughout Micronesia, Asia and the Hawaiian Islands, a variety of cultures and environments gave me reasons to capture them on film. So then my passion for photography evolved; and took off about ten years ago when my children became professional models. Spending my time behind the scenes during their shoots, sparked my curiosity within the industry. I invested in various cameras throughout the years and really honed in on taking scenic, portrait and lifestyle photographs. I have found incredible joy being a professional photographer. As an island girl, a devoted mother, a traveler and an action sports chick, I gained more love for photography throughout my adventurous life. I also hold a degree in graphic and website design, and have over 15 years of photo editing experience.

I feel very fortunate to have a career that I absolutely love and enjoy while also being able to spend quality time with my family. I want to share the beauty of humans and nature that I am capable of digitally capturing on film! 

I love to laugh and learn! I enjoy watching The Golden Girls, surf vids,  movies and shows from the 90's. Often when I miss the islands, I listen to reggae and Hawaiian jams. My greatest passions are my children, dancing hula, surfing and photography. I spend two hours in the gym lifting weights every morning, BUT I'm a sucker for spam musubi, sushi and ahi poke, chocolate cake and ice cream! I am super silly, and even love to play pranks on people. My personal goals are to travel tons to experience and photograph favorites such as surfing, wake surfing, snowboarding and dancing hula.