Amber Shepp is an amazing, creative, yet patient photographer who specializes in headshots, portraits, lifestyle and fashion photography. Amber shoots mainly on-location throughout San Francisco and the surrounding cities including Marin, Sonoma, Napa. Amber makes it as easy and as hassle-free as possible for you to get the images that you need in a way that’s discreet, fast, responsive, reliable, and completely sensitive to your particular needs.

In addition to her expertise behind the camera, she is also a highly-skilled photo retoucher, having invested a great deal of time and effort to master this aspect of her profession. All of your images are individually and expertly crafted to look their best. Sure, it’s more work for her, but the results are worth it.

Whether you are an innovator, educator, artist, executive, or entrepreneur, the ability to visually communicate you is incredible important. Headshots are much more than a close-up of your face. They are a valuable communication tool used to express who you are and what you do.

As a business professional, you are looking for more visibility, engagement, inquiries, and sales. A powerful professional headshot serves as more than just a visual marketing tool. It is a creative partner helping to deliver solid results by elevating and expanding your brand’s message, and serving to communicate with your target clientele.

As an actor, you are your business. Your brand is you. You are looking to create a powerful presence  – to stand out in the sea of actor headshots stretching across the casting director’s desk and to portray the depth and personality you bring to the characters you play. Your headshot should play the role of your supporting character communicating the authenticity and vulnerability you bring to your audience.

It says that a picture is worth a thousand words. But how much is headshot really worth? Is your headshot articulating the essence that defines you and your brand? Whether you are looking for a business headshot or actor headshot, my team and I have the resources, knowledge, and experience to capture you and what makes you unique. Let us help communicate you.

A celebration of you! Amber's portrait sessions are for individuals, artists, entrepreneurs, and anyone who desires to have a visionary portrait experience for themselves. Individuals are looking for something more personal and artistic beyond a traditional headshot – a timeless statement portrait that you can be proud of forever. 

The photographs may just be for you, but they could also be used as promotional materials for authors, musicians, singers, artists, and creative entrepreneurs. Some clients have booked a portrait session to document a graduation, a military promotion, or another special life event.

These portraits are the result of a creative collaborative session between you and Amber. Unlike headshot sessions where clients are looking for a visual marketing tool for business, her portrait sessions require more time and planning and a deeper level of emotional investment. Every session is different. All the details from tone to mood, wardrobe, position, location, and backdrop must be planned ahead of time.

Photography is more than just technique. She will listen, understand, and communicate the cornerstone qualities that make up an individual’s unique personality and then translate those qualities through the lens of our camera. 

No matter how old or young you are or where you are in your life’s journey, there is something that ticks within you, and it is our job to bring forth that from you and capture those qualities in a portrait.